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Please Follow the Forum Rules of Creative Novels. Thank You.

Violation of Forum Rules
Any violation of the forum rules will result in warning points (WP) along with a possible deletion of the infringing content. There are no "verbal warnings." Warnings points are points that are given and can compound. Once they reach a certain number, it can result in a ban.

User can't view warning points, but a notification will be given every time the user receives them. Duration of bans varies, depending on warning points accumulated.

Sometimes a ban could be issued without notification (usually for serious offenses), in this case, warning points notification serve as banning notification.

Serious offenses:
  • Using information on this forum to dig out personal information (privacy infringement, also known as "doxing")
  • Posting suicidal* content, terrorism, and or anything related to criminal activity.
  • Harassment and/or repeated insulting of other users.
  • Threatening moderators or other users in a way that tries to intimidate or ends up scaring the receiver.
Any users or members that disagree with the locking/deleting of a thread(s) are welcomed to privately message (PM) the moderator that performed the action.
*In the case you are feeling depressed or down, you are welcomed to make a thread in general so another user could cheer you up.

Reporting Violation of Rules

There are report buttons for posts and comments. If you happen to encounter a violation of our rules, report them instead of directly replying to the thread/status as it would often lead to off-topic discussion. For the same reason, summoning a mod to lock/delete/edit is not recommended either. Simply report or ignore the post content.

  • Please report all violators via the report button options available. Tagging a moderator to report a violator is not the correct way to report one.
  • If you have complaints towards a moderator/mod, send them or another moderator a PM. Don't post on their profile or make a thread about it. There is absolutely no need to make it a public affair.
  • Ban evasion will result in your clone being banned and will increase the time on the original ban.
  • Don't ask for or give links to pirated content.


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General Forum Rules

This is general rules for CrN forum, applicable for every thread and post. Additional rules for specific forums are listed below.
  1. No language that says or implies offence to a certain race/gender/skin colour.
  2. Be civil.
  3. No spoilers in a non-spoilers thread.
  4. No pestering the translator or author for more chapters.
  5. No duplicate threads.
  6. No explicit content (NSFW).
  7. Respect others’ privacy.
  8. Post only in English unless asking for translation help.
  9. Do not hijack a thread.
  10. No spam. This includes a post just to @ someone.
  11. Any threads related to politics/race/religion will be banned because it’ll be too volatile.
  12. No mentions of being suicidal or self-harm; if you need help, please consult a therapist.
  13. Violation of any of the rules will be reported and banned.
How to make a thread:

  1. When posting, the title of the thread should be representing the content of the thread. It’ll be better if the title contains an idea to be discussed.

  2. Post the thread in the correct place.
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Suggestions and Bug Reports:
  1. Put as much detail into your problem as possible. Example: what browser you’re using, on what device and whatever else you can think of.


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Novel General:
  1. No mentioning scraper/aggregator sites.
  2. This section is for discussion of multiple novels/genres; if you’re looking to discuss a specific novel, head to Novel Discussion over here: https://forum.creativenovels.com/forums/novel-discussion.9/
  3. Novel pick-up requests/recommendations for our staff are welcome over here. However, whether we pick it up or not depends on the Translators.


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Novel Discussion:
  1. No hate threads.
  2. You have to have read or are reading the novel before making a thread about it.
  3. Only one thread per novel.
  4. Tag and title your thread properly.


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Translator Central:
  1. Do not ask about the status of other translation groups.
  2. You can ask about the status of the translation over here.
  3. No pestering the Translators.


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Community Creations:

  1. No plagiarism allowed.
  2. The chapters you post must be on the forum, no link to an external website!
  3. Your original compositions must be in one thread.
  4. Creations should have at least 1 tag.
  5. No erotica or explicit content.
  6. If there are any images not owned by you, please cite the source or provide credit.
To post your work, make sure your thread follows the format below:

Hi, I'm writing a story called "Title", you can also read this story at “insert link”.
Genres (optional)
Table of Contents:
“link to chapter 1”
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