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Guide to Chapter Releases


New member
It is Zalex here and I am making a guide to better help you post chapters.

First and foremost, make sure you are logged in and on this site! Once you do that, head over to your dashboard (https://creativenovels.com/account-dashboard/)

Here is a screenshot of my novels. The red arrow is where you need to click in order to add chapters to a novel, in my case, it will be to Karma Streamer.

This screenshot points out the 5 key things of this page, which is to upload chapters.

  1. Title - Below is a ‘standard’ format for making chapter titles. It is fine to make variations, but simple is normally best.
    1. Chapter #- ‘name’
    2. The name of the novel is not needed in the novel. They are added automatically
    3. If your novel has multiple books/volumes then, Book/Volume #, Chapter #- ‘name’, will work.
  2. Chapter content- if you use copy paste, you got to use ctrl + V to paste in this area
  3. This brings you back to your account dashboard
  4. Brings you back to the main site
  5. There are 3 things to this
    1. The feather is where you add bonus content to the chapter. This includes the editor and notes
    2. The gears are where you schedule the release date and time for the chapter, or make it into a draft.
    3. ‘Save’ means save the chapter as it is. IF NO SCHEDULE IS PUT IN, then it is immediately posted.

Now to editing chapters

Back on the dashboard, the icon on the far right leads you to your chapter index, which will allow you to edit them. (Note: I pointed to Level 1 Hero Slave, but I am still talking about Karma Streamer)

On the left is the name of each chapter. As you can see released chapters will have a ‘Published’, ‘Scheduled’, or ‘Draft’ under them. In order to edit a chapter, you have to click the paper and pencil icon on the right. (Note: that if you did not put a time on the scheduling of a chapter, it will appear at the bottom of the list)

That will bring you back to the post you were at before you uploaded a chapter.

The chat bubbles are where you can check the comments on the chapter, you can also go directly to the page by clicking the number under the chapter where it says # of comments ‘x’. There is not much on this part currently other than this.

Finally is removing and restoring chapters.

The arrow to the right is pointing to the trashcan icon, clicking it will immediately trash any chapter.

The second arrow points to where a trash chapter winds up.

Notice a few things. First, is that the ‘trash often purged every 30-300 days’ part. This means if left alone long enough, the trash will get emptied.

Second, the paper and pencil icon is back. That is still to edit the chapter.

Third, is a circle arrow, that is the restore button. Clicking this will restore the chapter back into the index to the state it currently is in.

And that should be everything. If you have questions feel free to ask them in Discord.