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Guide to Novel Release


New member
It is Zalex here and I am making a guide to better help you post your novels on CrN.

First and foremost, make sure you are logged in and on this site! Once you do that, head over to your dashboard (https://creativenovels.com/account-dashboard/)

This will be where you can see all the important information such as your novels, and how much they have made you this month (estimated value), but we are not here for that. We are here to add new novels and chapters.

Once you go to the add new novel you will be greeted with this.

This is where the title of your novel will go.

As an example here, I will be my next novel, Eye of Souls.

Note: sequels/prequels to a novel will continue off the ‘original’ novel. You will put book/volume 2 (or whichever number is accurate) in the chapter title. More to be explained in the chapter section, refer to 1-3 named ‘Title Explanation’ in the Chapter guide.

After the title will be the synopsis.

Here you will put the ‘ad’ for the novel you are releasing. This will be the second thing the reader will learn about your novel normally, after the cover/title of course. Here you ought to give a flavour of what your novel is about. Don’t give the full plot, but give enough to catch people’s eyes while also giving the backbone of your novel.

For Eye of Souls’ synopsis in the example image, you will see that it will likely have game elements to it via the hint with a gamer passing out. There is also adventure based on the dialogue said. Lastly, it hints at world migration as well. So this will be an adventure and lit novel with world migration in it. As you can see, I put the backbone of the story, what it’s about etc. but I haven’t given the full plot.

Each synopsis should be unique and be a one or two paragraph introductory summary of your novel. This is where you put your best foot forward as they say.

Now to move on to what comes next:

These three should be obvious.

Email asks you to put in an email linking your novel to you.

Type asks you to clarify if the fiction you’re submitting is an original, translation or licensed translation.

  1. Original means you wrote the novel.
  2. Translation (or TL) means that you’re translating the novel.
  3. Licensed TL means that you have rights to translate the novel - if you are of this category, you will need to provide proof.

Finally is Original Language. In short, what language was the novel originally written in? (In Eye of Souls it would be English, as that is my native language). But if you are TL a novel it is the language the novel is being translated from. For example, a TL from Korean to English will have Korean be the original language.

Next comes the cover:

Take note that all covers require authorization/approval. If you don’t have one, you can skip this step for the time being.

This one is simple as well. It is for the link to your patreon (if you have one) or similar links.

It is not required to have a link here.

Here is the status of the novel you’re writing/translating. If it’s a translation, what is the translation status? Pretty self explanatory. To go more in depth:

  1. Completed means it is fully written/edited and fully released.
  2. Dropped means it is partially written/edited but was stopped. (only applicable after the novel has some chapters released. You can not drop if you do not have anything on it in the first place)
  3. Hiatus means partially written/edited, but not currently worked on due to one reason or another. This is normally done if there is an extended break.
  4. Ongoing means partially written/edited and still actively being written/edited. This also means more chapters are to be released than there are out currently. Most will fall under this category.

Next up we have the main and sub-genres. There are a multitude of genres, so I will not list all of them but here are some of the more common ones: adventure, action, romance, mystery, sci-fi.

Take note you must list the main genre in the sub-genre as well. As the listing of novels by genre is through the sub-genre.

For Content Rating, this means the maturity of content. If you have over the top gore and sexual content then an R-18 would probably be accurate, but rainbows, sunshine, and friendship stuff would be more like an everyone rating. Here is a link for you to make choosing the rating a lot easier: http://www.esrb.org/ratings/

The schedule is the rate of chapter releases. There are two things to note. First is you only need a number here. Second is at least 2 chapters a month must be released.

Finally a sample. Your novel or translation’s first chapter is a good choice for this.

After you fill out everything then you click submit for review.

It will take 1-3 days likely (perhaps more depending on the workload of the staff) to get a response back via the provided email address.

And that should be everything. If you have questions feel free to ask them in Discord.