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Q&A Karma Streamer


New member
The main story of KS is coming to an end and I want to know what you all think about it and more importantly, if you all have any questions for me about KS or any of my novels in general. There is a little over a week till ch200, the final chapter of the main story, and after it will be a *BONUS* I wrote to commemorate the event. Part of the bonus will in fact be comments and questions from this forum. So please write whatever is on your mind. I will take questions till about 8pm est to give me a few hours to write this Q&A into a bonus. And to all the readers of KS, my novels and any novel on CrN, I say with great gratitude THANK YOU!


New member

Thank you for everyone who DM me instead of posting here. I have a list of Q&A now that I will post along with a bonus chapter after the scheduled ch200 later today. Again I thank all those involved with helping me with this novel, the readers, and anyone else I might have not mentioned.